Jacob Bird: Guitar

Bachelor of Music from the University of Akron In-Progress

Jacob Bird fell in love with the guitar at 14 when he first heard the distorted rock of Radiohead and Letlive. He began channeling his musical creativity as a singer songwriter in high school. Jacob won The Susan Writing Award for lyrics to an original song and began freelancing around his town.

Jacob is working on his bachelor’s degree in guitar performance with James Marron at the University of Akron. Jacob was awarded the 2016-2017 Outstanding Undergraduate in Guitar and is a member of the official University of Akron Guitar Quartet. He has performed solo at weddings, churches, and local venues.

Jacob’s teaching style is derived from his experience with rock, metal, country, pop, and classical guitar. He teaches and encourages a wide variety of music and wants to help students develop their own unique voice and method of expression. His pedagogical focuses are on technique, theory, and artistry.