Ariel David Londono: Cello

Bachelor of Music in Cello Performance, National Conservatory of the National University of Colombia
Master of Music in Chamber Music, Kent State University

Master of Music in Cello Performance, Ohio University and a certificate in Conducting

Ariel has more than 10 years of teaching experience. In addition to private cello lessons, he has also worked with large ensembles, including with Unimusica in Bogota and Athens Community Music School. Learn more about his teaching philosophy below.

As a cello teacher my main goal is to provide students with the necessary knowledge to make themselves confident in making their own decisions taking control over their own musical growth. In my teaching I reinforce critical thinking, discipline and self patience along with technique and musical aspects of the cello.

I believe in setting a high standard for my students to make them feel constantly challenged but always avoid frustrating and leaving students overwhelmed; that's why it is crucial to choose the correct combination of material between scales, arpeggios, etudes and musical works. I carefully decide while also taking into account students’ suggestions. To improve my students’ musical and technical tool sets, I work towards understanding the musical background of my students. In my teaching I make an emphasis on technique because all musical ideas can be translated into the technical aspects of the instrument.

I believe what makes a successful performance artist is their ability of engaging with audiences to transmit their message. That’s why after the technical aspects of a musical work or etude are solved, I encourage and help students to create their own expression in order to achieve unique personal interpretations that will have a positive impact on the audience that also will resonate in society.