Our teaching philosophy

We’re a performance based school and believe performances foster confidence and teach creativity in students of all ages. Our musical educators believe in the importance of meeting students where they are in their musical journeys, and we’re committed to seeing our students improve to the highest level of their abilities.

Local community focus

Our musical educators are proud to be locally-focused, and a part of the community to watch our students thrive inside and outside of the classroom. Our teachers want to set examples of the power that music, art and culture have on a community and do so by supporting a number local non-profit organizations, including the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank, GriefCare Place, The Akron Dog Park and more. 

Caliber of teachers

While our musical educators have a wide array of performance experience, they are degreed musicians who believe in the power and the joy of music. Our teachers are professionals—from nationally-known performers to college-level instructors and members of world-class music ensembles such as the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra and Akron Symphony Orchestra.